Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kennzo Injured Again

This little boy had been too prone to injuries.

Just yesterday morning when Brenda brought him for usual breakfast, he got himself injured. This time round, it is his little index finger on his left hand.

According to Brenda, he somehow got his finger stuck on the mechanism that lock the flap of the babychair when she was away to buy breakfast. There was the usual aunties area to watch over him when she went off. He whinned a little, never cried. Brenda was trying to get him out and lifted the flap up. That was when dear son really hurt his finger.
See his sausage index finger.

Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Family Day

For once daddy managed to wake up early and brought us out for breakfast. This is the kind of family time I always wanted. I spoke to Sam last night about spending family time together on weekends. It reminded me of my childhood when my dad would bring the family out for breakfast and marketing. I am so touched that Sam made an effort to practise this routine as well.

We started off with prata breakfast at Pasir Panjang and then head over to Labrador Park.

The tables were full but we got ourselves a table very fast. The server was nice to get a double chair stacked up for Adel and a babychair for Kennzo. The kids enjoyed their pratas and milo.

There was not much people when we reached Labrador Park. Some people were fishing and some brought their all dressed up dogs for their daily walk. Kennzo was not afraid of the dog and he was happy to see them. We took a walk around and explore the nature reserve. The kids had alittle bit of fun at the playground as well.

We will be back for pinic one of the weekend again.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ladies Night Out 21 August 09

Finally I am able to meet the ladies for dinner session at Hotpot Culture, followed by a drink at Park Hotel (Clemenceau Ave).

I felt so bad for not being able to join in the many occassions and I missed these group of friends so much. There was only a few of us who could make it. Though not all of them could make it, we had so much laughter till everyone's cheek bone was numbed from the laughing.

Great food and great company. Let's do this again soon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kennzo and His Blue-Black

Kennzo had been falling down flat on his face.
Just yesterday he fell again right infront of MIL.

This morning on the way to carpark, he fell flat on his face to the pavement. Adel was walking infront of us while I was carrying his pram and bags. A car was turning down the curve but luckily we were still a distance away from the car.
I had to struggle to pick him up with all the things on hands. Kennzo's right cheek and mouth area was black with the dirt. I washed his face with a tissue paper wetted with water. I told my babysitter about the fall to monitor him. This boy was still playing happily with his toys as if nothing happened.

In the evening, my poor boy had a slightly bruise right cheek and his upper lip was slightly sored as well. Luckily he still managed to play and eat well.

Clumsy Boy

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's not Hoax!!!!

Allen received a call from Mac Donald and told him that he is the week 2 winner for the $10,000 weekly winner and he was still thinking that it as a hoax.

No doubt the whole crew turned up the next morning at their house and started their half day filming.
2nd sister texted me on 14th July 0931hrs and told me that and the crew was at her house. For a moment I really thought that she was pulling my leg since she has never been serious with her words.

The prints are out on email today and I can't wait to catch him on national television broadcast.

Anyway they were damn lucky and maybe their baby Bosco really bring them luck! This money really comes in handy for them for the preparation of Baby Bosco arrival, hospital bills and confinement.


This is Not a Hoax! This is Real!
Start ordering Mac Delivery NOW

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Angry with Sam

This man keep insisting giving Adel's medication to Kennzo despite me telling him not to since he has not taken those medication before and he has not yet seen doctor to diagnose.

My clever hubby insisted on giving same medications so that he need not waste his time waiting at the clinic and waste money since the kids are having the same symptoms.

In the end he called up the clinic and checked if he can give lower dosage and was asked to go back to the clinic for check. I really wonder if he knows that we should not self medicate especially for kids. Adel and Kennzo only shared paracetamol and ibrufen only when I checked the label to make sure that they are of the same content and labelled down the dosage for them. There were 2 medications that Kennzo had never taken before thus I would prefer that he bring him down to the clinic. For now, clinic will not take things lightly especially when the symptoms are so close to H1N1.

Why must he find that a hassle?
Isn't kids' health more important?

It's not why I must always argue with him. But it just these small little things that can lead to arguments between us.

Yishun, Here We Come

We have confirmed this unit at Yishun and will be waiting for our first appointment for the paperwork to be done.

I loved this unit the moment I stepped into the house.
It's the highest floor, 4 room corner unit. We have eateries and shops just nearby and most importantly there is one secondary and primary just nearby.
It's move in condition and basically some minor renovation will do.

Now I need to find childcare for the kids and I am still wondering how can I fit them in.
Those who stayed in Yishun, please let me have some ideas. No Kinderland though.

Our first appointment for our current house is scheduled on 7 October. Likely we will be moving out to my mum's somewhere end October or early November.

Flea Market 26 July 09

JuzCloset is having a Flea Market this coming Sunday.

Date: 26 July 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 10 am to 6pm
Venue: Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Blk 332
(void deck) beside bus stop

Special offers not to be missed.
Do come and support us.